Bunker to Bonneville 50K Run
Saturday, September 2nd 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Event

On top of 3 corner rock

The PCT: Bunker to Bonneville 50K (hosted by Columbia River Gorge Running Club) is a challenging but amazingly scenic point-to-point 31 mile trail run on Southwest Washington’s side of the Columbia River Gorge.  The course is primarily on the Pacific Crest Trail, running north to south, starting at Whistle Punk Trail Head, on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and ending in the City of North Bonneville, Washington.

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There will be a special prize for anyone willing to climb the rock at the 3 Corner Rock aid station!





Thank you for running Columbia Gorge Running Club races.  With race proceeds CGRC will continue to do really good things! We donate to Food Bank, Cancer Funds, Local High School Cross Country Running teams, Scholarship funds etc.



2017 Race Announcements

This year was a scorcher!  Yet there weren’t many hornet stings! I don’t know which is better, stings or the heat.  The aid stations were recording heat in the 90’s, and I’m sure it was hotter in places! We had the most drops this year and slower times but you runners still put on impressive displays of raw grit in the face of adversity! Thanks for coming and playing even with the forecast of extreme heat!

The male winner was Brian Bhark, with a 4:22:57, which isn’t far from the course record!  He battled Rod Bien from the start and the two of them both climbed the rock to get the beer glass!  The female winner was Mari Kauri 6:05:44.  Each winner will be getting  a year’s subscription to UltraRunning Magazine.

I didn’t have a photographer this year so I have added a facebook link to the ultrasignup page that leads to the Columbia Gorge Running Club’s facebook page.  Esther Holman and some others have added lots of photos.

This ends the tenth year of B2B.  It’s been an adventure for sure.  Lots of lessons learned, lots of solid friendships forged, lots of time in the forest and on the amazing Pacific Crest Trail.  I can’t describe how lucky I feel that I was able to do this thing and give back to the trail running community and the local community.  But alas, my time at the helm has come to an end. Syd long will be taking over for me next year.  She helped stash aid this year and would have liked to been at the race but she is in Tanzania climbing Kilimanjaro with her Dad!  Syd will do a great job and take the race to a higher level.  

                It truly takes this small village of Stevenson to put on this event! Below is a list of whom I owe a huge debt of gratitude.

             Stan Holman  helped mark the course, ran the morning registration and Aid 2, also on clean up, and hand holding (mine)

             Claudia Holman made PBJ’s ,helped with Aid 2

             Jeff Herd  helped mark the course and Aid 2 and clean up, should have done rain dance

             Esther Holman Sweep and volunteer round up, cross country team coach and facebook aficionado

             Andy Grossman, Eric Allen, Jon Arp, and MaryAnn Duncan ran Aid 1.  This is a 3 mile haul in

             Syd Long helped with aid 1 haul in

             Dugan Bates,  Mark Peterson,  Chris Andrews ran Aid 3, helped with clean up, and listened to all my bitches

             Brian Thrasher, Alison Thrasher and Mikey Cecil Aid 4 and clean up, championship beer tasters

             Vicki Cassidy, Lynda Essacson, Van Wagner family plus cross county kids and parents ran Aid 5, gave more cowbell

             Joel Dippold, Ming Ming Dippold and friend, Shelley Gimbal, Erin Keller, John Price, Barbara Keller, Ran the finish line with superhuman computer ability.  Thanks for always being the emissary of this race Erin.

             Joe Yela and Ann Yela ran the mini heat Aid 5.5, helped with set up, are generally badass

             Rachel Brusseau mini aid .5 with gallons of water, pictures of race and mini aid 5.5,got recruited at the last minute without whining

             Chad Miller, Bill Miller who made the amazing meal with all the beverages included, helped with clean up, and party atmospher

             Heather Pola, provided prizes and moral support and help with clean up and unicorns

             Susan Kokesh sweept , on her birthday with no cake!!!
             Roger and Joanne Lembrick along with the Cross country team parents provided rides to the start, and enthusiasm and have great kids
            Kevin Widener and the entire Ham Radio club, So happy for these peoples' support!  They do so much to keep the runners safe out there and contribute greatly to my peace of mind.


It has been a real pleasure to serve!

Anna Bates



A YouTube Expose

Wondering what the Run is like? Watch 1st time Ultra runner Mike Walters's 15 minute YouTube expose "My First Ultramarathon: 2010 PCT Bunker to Bonneville 50K Trail Run" {Direct YouTub link if needed: http://youtu.be/3b9IeQB8L-g}

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