Bunker to Bonneville 50K Run
Saturday, September 2nd 2017

Race Details


Saturday, September 2nd, 2017  starting @7:30am

The start is at Whistle Punk Trail head on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.  The course will follow the Pacific Crest Trail almost exclusively except for a mile and one half out and back to 3 Corner Rock and the last 2 miles to the finish.  The race finishes in the town of North Bonneville.


Bunker hill




This is a scenic ultra with plenty of beautiful views of the Cascade Mountains and the Columbia River Gorge.  On a clear day, a runner will be able to see Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt St. Helens and perhaps Rainier or Jefferson.  On a not-so-clear day there will be plenty of huckleberries to stop and eat.  The race is almost all on the Pacific Crest Trail so the trail is well maintained.  The last 10 miles of the course has some technical sections (rocky) as it skirts the shoulder of Table Mt.  It has two major climbs, but is generally descending in elevation to the Columbia River.  The race is in fairly remote, mountainous terrain.  It may be difficult for friends and family to get to places along the course to see you.  We suggest that supporters have a Gifford Pinchot National Forest map and a vehicle with clearance. 

This is a hard race and probably not suitable for a first ultra........having said that, the race will be very well marked with flagging, flour and mileage. 

Who The race limit is 100 via the Forest Service Permit

$75 dollars for pre-registration $80 dollars day-of registration.  Pre-registration will include a post race meal.  All proceeds will cover associated costs with any profit benefiting the Columbia Gorge Running Club’s Scholarship fund. We have given $2000 for college scholarships to deserving student athletes for the last 4 years.  We plan to do the same this spring!

Getting There

Please plan to park at the finish in the town of North Bonneville near the City Park.  We will provide some shuttling and hope to have runner's carpool to the start.


{see the Driving Directions page.}

Day Of Registration and Race Numbers

Register the Day of Race, or pick up your Race Bib at the start at Whistle Punk Trail Head.


There will be 5 aid stations along the way, approximately 5 miles apart.   The first aid station will be lightly stocked as it is packed in.  Participants should consider wearing a pack with a little extra food, water and clothing.  Aid stations in the past have stocked: candy, potatoes, turkey sliders, PB&J, gels, salts, water and some electrolyte drinks. We have also provided hot coffee, hot chocolate and bacon on occasion! The race features Gorge Delights fruit bars which are also locally produced.  Gorge Delights has been sponsoring this race for many years and we are very grateful!



Fruit Bar Logo



Runners need to be at the 3-Corners Aid Station before the 6-hour cut-off.  You will be given a ride to the finish if you reach 3 corner rock after 6 hours.  DNF will be posted for you in the results.

Drop Bags One drop bag will be allowed and can be put in the vehicle that will be going from the start to the second official aid station at the crossing near FS road 2000.  Carry your drop bag to the start of the race where this vehicle will be waiting.  You are welcome to drop your morning warmies in the race directors car, or the shuttle van that will be driving from the start back to the finish.
Bathrooms There will be a restroom available at the finish in the morning during the carpooling to the start.  At the start the Whistle Punk Trailhead has a couple of toilets.  Along the way there is the great out of doors.  Please be considerate and bury your solid waste, especially your TP.
Littering Littering will not be tolerated and will result in a DQ.  Please pick up any race litter you see along the way and report any runner willfully abandoning debris.  We spend a fair amount of time grooming and cleaning the trail and consider ourselves good stewards.  We want our race and our club to have the reputation of improving as opposed to impacting the trail. 
Through Hikers Remember that PCT through hikers have the right of way on the trail.  Please be courteous.

Awards will be given for the winning Male and Female and also the fastest Female and Male in each 10/year category.  The age category award will go the the runner up in the winning runner's age category.

Bonneville Finisher


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