Bunker to Bonneville 50K Run
Saturday, September 2nd 2017

2008 Results & Photos

About the Race in 2008

Conditions: Heavy Rain Showers at times, & Gusting Winds. 

October 4th, 2008 - The Few, The Brave, The…very wet

The first annual Bonneville to Bunker 50k was run in conditions by which all future B2B’s will be judged.  From this year forward, at the end of every race, you may hear, “You should have been here the first year!”

The night before the B2B, run co-directors Michele Adams and Anna Bates nervously lay in their respective beds and listened to pounding rain and howling winds as the first storm of the season slammed into the Cascade Mountains.  Morning changed nothing as 12 brave runners and 6 volunteers steeled themselves for what was to come.

At 6:00am runners gathered at the finish of the race and were shuttled to the beginning.  The race began at the Whistle Punk Trailhead near the Wind River Ranger Station on the Gifford Pinchot Forest in the Southwest Washington Cascades.  At 7:30 am, runners started their journey on the Pacific Crest Trail which ended at the Equestrian Trailhead of the PCT across from Bonneville Dam.  When not buried under a thick blanket of cloud, this 31 mile section of the PCT offers spectacular views of the Cascade Peaks, sections of old growth Forest, wildflower meadows and plunging valleys.  On October 4, runners faced 31 miles with 8,000 feet of elevation change along with a deluge of rain, dropping temperatures, and 30 mph winds.  All these brave souls finished, including first-time ultramarathoner  Kathy Brashers.

Jim Mahar of Washougal finished first with a fine time of 5:25:34.  Best Poker hand went to Allan Dushan of White Salmon, who won a jug of Walking Man Beer and two pint glasses. Kris Ryding of Olympia had second best hand and won a Water Bladder Cleaning Kit.  The race raised $120 dollars towards the Columbia Gorge Running Club’s Scholarship fund.

For invaluable assistance with the run, Race Directors thank Stan Holman, Claudia Holman, Jan Frazier, Tiffany McCrum, Robert Lynes, Gary Daubenspeck, Noah Adams, Alisha Adams, and Issac Adams.  Our appreciation extends to Walking Man Brewery for donating a fabulous poker prize.  Our admiration and gratitude go especially to all the brave participants—happy trails and we hope to see you next year!

2008 Results

Place Name  Gender  Age Finish Time Poker Hand
1 Jim Mahar Male 53 5:25:34 3 - 6’s
2 Michael McCarthy Male 44 6:03:19 ?
3 Allan Dushan Male 45 6:34:11 Straight “Q High” 
4 Jim Brashers Male 54 6:43:01 A – J - 10
5 Steve Peterson Male 54 7:24:47 2 Pair J/6 
6 Stan Nowakowski Male 52 7:24:47 Pair 3’s
7 Maura Schwartz Female 48 7:31:10 Pair K’s
8 Kris Ryding Female 45 7:35:24 3 – A’s
9 Karen Wiggins Female 49 7:58:45 Pair 3’s
10 Thomas Riley Male 45 8:38:39 7 High
11 Kathy Brashers Female 52 10:36:24 2 Pair J/8
12 Esther Holman Female 44 10:36:24 Pair A’s - J

2008 Photos

Before Start
Participants before race
Alan Dushan- Best poker hand
Alan Dushan
Best Poker Hand
Kathy & Ester
Kathy & Esther
Stan & Maura
Stan & Maura
Jim Brashers
Jim Brashers

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